Kootenay Therapy Centre
Kootenay Therapy Centre
260-1311 2nd Street Nort
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Kootenay Therapy Centre
260-1311 2nd Street Nort Cranbrook BC V1C 3L1

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Fitterfirst Soft Boards
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Fitterfirst Soft Boards provide a whole new dimension to balance training, by creating the sensation of floating on a cushion of air, all while providing a predictable foundation underfoot. The unique 3D movement sensation allows you to safely achieve better balance, coordination and agility, while increasing ankle and lower leg strength. Soft Boards can be used for advanced balance training to enhance sport performance or to shorten recovery times. They can also be used in the workplace to add an element of balance training while standing throughout the workday. The three different styles give a variety of difficulty level options, and each is perfectly suited for home, gym or office use. � Non-skid material for secure contact with the ground and no slipping� Non-marking base for use on hardwood floors� Large surface area allows for a variety of foot, hand or seated positions. Soft Board � Beginner: Built with four corner legs, this board creates a solid, floating sensation. This is the most stable board we offer, suitable for lower level balance training, early rehabilitation or office use. Available in charcoal. Weight limit of 250lbs. Soft Board � Rocker: Designed with a half-cylinder running down the mid-line, this board creates an unstable tilting movement. The single plane of movement is good for sports conditioning and later rehabilitation. Available in blue. Soft Board � Advanced: A large deck with a single centre leg, the advanced board creates a challenging 3D range of motion. The tri-plane movement is perfect for experienced users and for high-level training. Available in blue. Download the Balance Surface Comparison Chart Here

Kootenay Therapy Centre
Kootenay Therapy Centre

260-1311 2nd Street Nort
Cranbrook, BC, Canada V1C 3L1

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